As Anonymous Encouragers continues to grow, we are looking for new ways to expand. Recently, an idea came to us for setting up a program that allows people to request letters to be sent to friends and family members. In this way, the ones who really need encouragement will be targeted.

In this process, after requests are sent in, willing AE members will then be sent one or two addresses per week. It will be the job of the receiving member to write an anonymous letter of encouragement.

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Nina Sanfilippo
04/28/2011 10:00

Marvelous idea. I'm sure that Jesus will give you many more insights. What a wonderful service to our brothers and sisters, at home, in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, inmates. It truly is a work of the Lord, for the Lord, and with the Lord.

Thanks again.

A friend called my friend out of the blue and told him to say, "Lord I believe, help Thou my unbelief." So imagine the impression to received some note from "somebody" not known to the receiver and that person cares!!!!!



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